My father served in the U.S. Air Force and became a life-long USAA member. When my husband enlisted in the U.S. Army, I was so excited to be able to leave our conventional national bank, which had become exceedingly expensive (fees for EVERYTHING, including a new fee for direct deposits that were less than $500 per month, which meant that we would have had to pay approximately 15% on a small check we receive from my Social Security disability for our son, which we had deposited into his own account.) The conventional banking experience with lack of overall customer service and concern for customers' needs had become increasingly disappointing. USAA seems to truly care about military families and the sacrifices we make, not only as Active Duty military serving our country, but also as family members who are home, anxiously awaiting our loved one's return. My husband and I have an Autistic son, which is very hard even when we are both home. While my husband is away, I am basically a single mom, which is difficult enough with "typical" kids, but even harder with a special needs child. It is a tremendous relief to me to know that if I have any financial concerns, all I have to do is call USAA and my questions will be answered. USAA is always striving to meet customers' needs and address concerns. Recently, USAA partnered with UPS to proved a deposit service for checks, offered to USAA customers with NO FEES. Although my husband and I have direct deposits for my husband's military pay and my disability pay, we occasionally receive checks. I cannot fully express my relief at being able to take a check to the UPS store down the street from our home and within five minutes have funds deposited into my account. It was a breeze. No more having to spend money sending a check via UPS to ensure it isn't lost in regular mail and waiting several days for the deposit to post. The much-needed funds were immediately available. It is difficult not to be able to talk to my husband whenever I need to, but at least USAA is here for me regarding financial matters. In additional to finances, USAA provides insurance at far better rates with more coverage than the national company we used to use. My husband used to take care of bills and now I am doing it all on my own. It's stressful to be a military wife, but I am extremely grateful to know that I can rely on USAA, and that when it comes to financial and insurance concerns, I am not completely alone. Thank you, USAA!