My father served 22 years in the US Coast Guard. After college, he encouraged me to open a USAA bank account and credit card to establish credit and start a path towards financial responsibility. Today, USAA provides my main checking, savings accounts as well as home and auto insurance. I am very impressed with the level of service, convenience and trustworthiness of USAA. I tell people who comment on my USCG debit card, "people aren't supposed to like their banks, but mine really is great." I often get comments from cashiers asking about the Coast Guard or USAA. Whether it was working the ice breaker Northwind, or stationed in Puerto Rico, or serving as commander of a small town station in Texas, I'm always happy to share a story about my father's time on the water. He passed away last year, and maybe it's silly, but those stories and the invitation to share them is just one of the ways I honor his memory. So USAA, in a way, is more than just a set of services. It's a link and I really appreciate that.