I had a theft at my home and did not have serial numbers for a few guns that were stole and I did not have any recites for any of them all of them were from 2 to 9 yrs old. And my kids playstation was stole with several games no recites I have replacement coverage on everything. Replacement coverage without serial numbers or recites mean you get pennies on the doller from good ole we love the military usaa all they are is take your money and when something happens your sol.I beg any army members and any other forces that won't to take part in banding against usaa and there illegal tactics to call and cancel there insurance with them and get someone you can trust .


Ouch, I'm sorry that happened to you, but USAA IS forthcoming on their replacement policy. I believe if you had RECEIPTS, not RECITES, you would have gotten full replacement value. I think you are 100% on your accessment of USAA & also find some of your comments rude & uncalled for. I also think you are speaking strictly out of anger over your theft. I suggest you take a deep breath and rethink your approach of how you come across. Again, I'm feel truly bad over your theft, but as a member of USAA for more than 30 years and also a USAF veteran, your comments are uncalled for. Good luck and maybe in the future you video tape your valuables & keep your RECEIPTS, so you do NOT (& hopefully will never) go thru this again. This is not USAA's fault and at least you had coverage. The only person to blame here are the thieves.
I would never trust the place where I bank with to insure me as well.

That really is too bad for your situation, but this is in no way proof that USAA does not care about its members or you, this is only proof that you need to make sure to document your items better and I am sure that any insurance company would require this not just USAA, otherwise they would probably go out of business.

USAA does care about its members and we have had nothing but good experiences with them.

We had a claim through a previous insurance company and not only did we have to document and provide serial numbers for everything we also had to do our own research on the value and provide proof of that. It was a hassle but we understood why we needed to do it and complied. In the end we got our money and swithced to USAA to get better service.

In banking process they been amazing. However with a auyo break in I actually was left with paying for my owe broken window even though police report states how auto with alarm set was brokken into. Terrible.

USAA and all other insurance companies provide coverage that are subject to clauses relating to the loss.  "CHEATED"  Just as President Reagan is often quoted "trust but verify"  USAA and other insurance companies ask you the insured to show proof of loss.  This is an acceptable business practice in the insurance industry.  One must take some responsibility and ownership.   So where are the stolen guns now?  The police will never be able to return them to you without serial numbers should they turn up some day.  USSA lived up the insurance contract with you.  Do not malign others for not keeping diligent firearm records.   You have a fundamental right to bear arms and you take it for granted.

His assessment of ussa was accurate.   So what he misspelled receipts?  We went through the same garbage with them


  Our home was burglarized and vandalized and we were victimized by USAA all over again.  It has been a long drawn out process.  When I messaged the claims adjuster stating that they low balled the items and we weren't able to replace all of our items; she had the nerve to insinuate that we weren't  going to replace  our items.  We replaced a lot of our items out of pocket, and still have a lot to go.  We are being victimized all over again.  Our possessions stolen, now we have to replace  what USAA  low balled