Please pass along to your management team the terrific customer services provided by one of your representatives, Leonie Abshire (Norfolk Office). There I was, staring through the window of my locked car…my keys resting on the seat! Having to pick-up my wife from the airport a few hours later, I thought I had to call a locksmith to pry my doors open and of course be billed a hefty price. I called USAA, at the recommendation of Mrs. Abshire, I was connected to the roadside assistance team. Within an hour I was back on the road to pick up my awaiting wife. I have banked with USAA for over 13 years and am very familiar with the quality service provided, but at the very moment I locked my keys in and dreaded to tell my wife she had to take a cab home (at a very expensive rate; my extra keys was on her ring) USAA came to the rescue. With great customer service of the USAA Team and the advice of Mrs. Abshire, USAA not only saved me money (for locksmith and a taxi fare) but also a night off the couch J!