I have been a USAA member for over 25 years.  Have had auto/life/personal property/auto loan/banking products with them for years.  Applied for an auto loan via online and was approved for less than I wanted.  Called the next day and represenative put info through again after I disclosed additonal income I had not included before.  Automatic (computer) underwriting came back with same amount.  I asked why the additional income didnt make a difference and he said he would now ask actual underwriter (live person) to look at file.  Was on hold for quite a while and when he came back on the phone told me that the underwriter was declining me altogether!  Had I known this was a possibility I would have accepted the original answer and moved on.  I have excellent credit and have had an auto loan with USAA before.  Don't have late payments and would guess that my credit score is around 700 (if not better).  Being a previous banker, I understand that my income ratio is way out of wack.  I just prefered to obtain the loan without my husband's income.  Funny how they will look at the debt we share, but not consider that he does bring additional income to the table.  Again, I understand debt to income ratios and underwriting.  However, found it amazing that with my payment history, credit score and customer longevity that they would actually decline me instead of just telling me they couldn't budge over the initial amount approved.  I asked Gil (or whoever was above the initial contact) to have his manager contact me and 2 weeks later never heard from anyone.  Needless to say, I plan on closing out any deposit accounts I have with USAA and will never use the Mastercard in the future. They really messed up this time!


I know what you are saying. They are not the company they used to be. All other banks and credit union give you way better rates than this bank. Their insurance it's a joke and take forever to complete your claim. That have lower their standards big time


We appreciate you reaching out here in the Community. I can certainly understand your frustration and we'd like to learn more about your situation. Please email us at socialmedia@usaa.com or contact us here with your member number and concerns. Once we hear from you, we'll work with the appropriate team to have your concerns addressed. Hope to hear from you soon. - Wendy

I think we can expect more of this treatment in the future as USAA moves away from the solid principles it was founded on.
I once recently saw a statement that said don't make decisions when you're frustrated. USAA is a great company. I went ballistic when they started offering membership to enlisted and NCO's, but simmered down. It is, what it is. Competition. Some decisions are CYA made there. Someone has to report to someone else, and that is where sometimes the decision is made. Hang in there. Don't leave USAA.

Yes, I agree...don't make rash decisions.  I still have my insurance with them and they have always treated me so well.  This was a terrible experience and gave me reason to pull back on my banking relationship with them.  FYI, they have tried to contact me (finally, but note that it was only after I complained here) and I have every intention to listen to them.  I was just so surprised at how this played out.  We will see...

You went ballistic because they let NCOs and enlisted in?

Just an update here.  Representatvie called me and apologized and stated that this should have never happened this way.  Even stated that it was addressed with the underwriter.  I truly hope so.  Anyway, they came back to offer me loan and get this, when submitted my information again, approved me for even more than before (and more than I needed).  How ironic.  I did tell them that I would give credit where credit is due.  They admitted their mistake and took it upon themselves to correct it.  I hate that I had to raise a fuss to get their attention.  Unfortunately, this could have turned out badly for them had I not done anything and just walked away completely.  I'm happy they did what they did to keep me happy.  Thanks USAA.