My call went out at about 3:45 PM on a clear, not cold, typical California coast day. The weather was mild and there were no storms or other general weather issues. No one responded till almost 6 PM.


Meanwhile, my wife also tried to get the service out to my location since I was tied up taking care of my grand kid. To her, they said there was never a call or order put in. Finally someone called my cell # by 6 PM and asked me if I could provide more details before they could arrange for service. At that point my son-in-law had pitched in and called his AAA service to bail me out. Their truck arrived within 15 minutes and resolved the issue (dead battery).




We have the same problem with USAA Roadside Assistance. They are horrible in this service. AAA responds so much faster. Sometimes I wonder if this is only a "California" issue. USAA needs to change its customer service response rates to better satisfy their paying customers.

We'd like to get additional details about what happened so we can escalate your concerns to our management team. Please provide your contact information using this link and we'll contact you soon to discuss. 

Contrary to the complaint about roadside service I have to say service was excellent....the best I ever experienced. The service representative was here in about 20 minutes and solved my problem. I even received a follow up call asking about the service. Of course I praised the service!

I've lived in Calif, Florida, and Texas and had very good experiences with USAA Roadside Assistance.  However, since moving to Georgia, I've used them twice now and just yesterday my son used them.  I am (much) less than satisfied with the service we are getting.  Not sure if it is the area, or if USAA's subcontractor is dropping the ball.  AAA seems much more expensive, but I'm getting to the point where I am seriously considering switching over, as this doesn't seem to be changing in spite of the USAA comments here showing concern for fixing problems.


Of all the 3 most recent calls, service is promised within 60 minutes (I thought it used to be within 30-45), but it rarely comes on time.  Yesterday's call took over 90 minutes. 


And if you want the car towed more than about 11 miles, you are responsible for the difference.  Not a big deal, but it is (1) when the driver's office is closed and he can't run a debit/credit card so you have to have cash, or (2) when the driver is so late you have to leave the vehicle.  For the latter they were at least able to take a card over the phone.  Might be nice if USAA would pay the tow (up to a reasonable amount, say $50-100) and bill the member...I'd feel much more secure reimbursing USAA for service than Joe's local tow service who I don't know from Adam.  USAA is losing the opportunity to keep loyal customers satisfied, let alone delighting the customer.