I called Roadside Assistance a little after 9 am today and was given a Tow company assignment.  They texted me the name, contact number and ETA, the framework of a well thought out process.  I was pleasantly surprised that the ETA was only a little over two hours, given the bad weather!  I waited three hours and called the contact number.  They acted as if they had never heard of me or the dispatch to provide tow service to my vehicle.


I contacted Roadside Assistance again to find out what was going on.  The only explanation was that weather was bad and there are delays, but what they didn't admit is that the tow companies get paid much less by the "Auto Clubs" than the "private pays" and you continue to get bumped until they run out of paying customers!!!


RoadSide Assitance provided me another company dispatched; the text said two hours for an ETA!!!

I waited the appropriate amout of time and this time went back thru Roadside assistance to find out the status of the dispatch.  The very helpful agent talked to the same guy who they talked to on the original call and he claims he never took that dispatch... Never heard of my vehicle call for tow!!!


The process is open loop and broken!  USAA has set high standards for the service commitment to the client, but have not followed up or managed their subcontractor to assure that that is the service being delivered!


I expect better management of this part of the business and I thought you need to know that it is not working for us!


Same thing happended to me - but with Tripple A. I waited only 15 minutes before a passing tow truck driver waived to me and said he would be back in 1/2 hr. THEN he found out I had AAA and - six hours later - AAA finally decided to call another tow company in a neighboring district. If contracted rates are the problem, I trust USAA to address the issue. AAA makes too much money to care. I'm not renewing AAA. I'll give USAA a "go". Wish me luck? Hope I don't need it!