I switched to USAA because of all the hype I had heard about them. Boy did I make a mistake, not only can you not deposit money or check directly to your account without a 7 day hold they will not credit your account on the day promissed. I had checked my account at 10PM on the 4th of December and the account still had a hold on some of my money. well the check I wrote had not come through at that time as well so I figured cool the hold releases at midnight and we would be fine. Well boy was I mistaken, yea the check tried to clear after midnight and they charged my account the 29 dollars and sent the check back then released my funds to the account and I still had enough money to clear the check. Big mistake on my part for believing in a Virtual institution anyway so yea my bad guess I will go to the local bank and pay the monthly fee for face to face service instead of the standard (I am sorry for your frustration sir) and thank you for banking with USAA. Ha! guess we live and learn! Not really believeing in all the we are here for the military thing as well, Have a great day and sorry I cannot do any more banking with you and sorry for your disapointment in a DISABLED VETERAN !


I find it very hard to believe you have this amount of trouble with USAA's services. Either you are very apprehensive about seeing your money in your account or you just frustrated about your poor money management skills. Regardless I was there when I first joined, but now I have grown to recognize the process of online banking. I do recommend you have both and online bank and a face to face bank so that you can access cash quickly. All personal preference.
I know for cash on hand if it gets to be much I write myself a money order and do the deposit@mobile function. My money immediately is deposited into my account for my use. I don't have to wait for it to clear. I have been using the @home function for years and never have had an issue.
The only issue I have is car insurance. I had usaa but when I moved from San Angelo tx to Brownsville tx the car insurance payment double. I got geico instead and pay what I just to with usaa $ 380 every six months
My checks are always immediately available, in fact my direct deposit from work it's available the day before. I've only ever had a 3 day hold when the girl friend wrote me a check. But now if she writes one it's immediately as available.
The only time I ever had a hold on a check for me personally was for a check over 2000$ once. They deposited 400$ and the rest was on hold for 2 days or so. I have an account with a local back that I use to transfer money (cash) into my usaa account. I go to that bank, deposit cash (100$) go into the USAA app and click transfer and done. The money is available immediately. I have never had an issue with mobile banking or deposit@....it's all great. Like the one commenter said, I (and my wife) get paid a day earlier then my coworkers with direct deposit.
The only issue I have had with mobile banking is that something paid out doesn't always post in what I would consider a timely fashion. Again that's IMHO. ..
I have been banking with USAA since 2002 and have never once had a problem. The only time I had a bank with a physical branch is before the online banking came about. But even when I would mail a check using their deposit envelopes, my money would be available within 3 days of me outing the check into the mail. As a new member to any bank, there will always be a hold on your funds if your depositing a check, whether personal or payroll. I say try sticking it out.

First of all, I have never had any issues with USAA Banking, and I've had many different transactions with them over the years. 


Second of all, real men/women don't thump their chests about their disability status nor feel entitled to special treatment due to such status.  This is a dead give-away.


USAA isn't perfect, but exhibits a high level of customer service and honor.

He forgot to mention his disability rating is probably a whopping 10%. Everyone wants to be a war hero. If he worked fir me in the military I would send him to budget counseling so he could learn how to manage money instead of blaming others. Since the owners of USAa are the accoubt holders what he did was point fingers at real disabled veterans, military retirees, and widows. He ought to be ashamed of himself.