Response to Major General Josue Robles, Jr. President USAA

I was astonished recently to learn that I have been served by USAA for 62 years - it seems incredible! USAA has unfailingly met our family needs in automobile insurance, homeowner insurance, banking and brokerage with investment advice at a level of assistance and service that goes above and beyond anything I had any reason to expected. This just doesn't happen. It is the direct reflection of the quality of leadership and sense of service USAA Management has consistently evidenced in the quality of service and help we have experienced. All USAA employees we have worked with evidence that same service ethic. Well done and with sincere thanks, James O Justice Commander, U.S. Navy (Retired)


I recently received your RE:Intel Update.  I would propose a program to address those affected by the "Sequester".


We have had thousands affected by the "Sequester" and I can only assume that many of them are USAA members.  I would think that a proactive approach might include a program that looks into what the greatest impact was to those families and stylize something to address those concers now and if there is a follow-on program on the part of our Government, which is highly anticipated by many, what can USAA do to assist them.  Ben