.August 2,2013 I went to Enterprise to rent a car here in Dover Delware. I found out that I needed a 400.00 deposit to rent this car. I deposited the money in my banking account. There was a hold of two hundred dollars put on the account. The

representative at USSA help me to remove the hold and averted a disaster. They are always very helpful at USSA.




I’m 52 years old 21 years of military service, a disable combat veteran and Supervisor for one of the Arizona State Departments and I have never once been treated or talked too like that from someone I’m paying service  for and too.  This was neither professional nor good service or respectful.


Thank  you USAA for the outstanding customer service and making feel like your organization care. WOW




I'm proud to be Marine. 

The problem with USAA discounts, they are with rental car companies that are more expensive than places like Enterprise.  I find that I have a lot of problems using USAA discounts because their "discount" prices are more expensive than what I can find on my own.