Remember when it meant something to be a USAA member?

Nothing but a paperwork nightmare with USAA contractors such as Auto Injury Solutions.
For three years we have not finished a PIP claim even though all documents are correct and available. The USAA rep, Chris. Is either on vacation or does not return calls he promises to return. I have come to beleive it is the stall tactics worth millions to USAA when fed up members give up on the process and drop off.
Three years ago after a local hail storm all neighbors received new roofs except USAA P&C insured neighbors.
In the loan department,
My credit is better than it's ever been, according to the USAA/Experian credit monitoring service. 7 loan obligations fulfilled with USAA and an Amex card that gets paid off regularly.
However if they refinanced my RV from the 7.9% loan they would have to raise the interest rate, not lower. Never late on it either.
Reason is the Equifax states im not good enough.
So they sell Experian and buy Equifax for their use.
No one at the bank can read a credit report and analyze their own information. The decision is based on what Equifax states even if it is inaccurate.
The result is a loss of revenue for USAA.
We insure 7 personal vehicles, two homes. None of which are written by USAA now.
Current new Yukon XL loan is with a local bank who did the deal on one phone call while USAA was wanting to know who I was and pay stubs.
I have voiced my concerns to many reps at USAA but none have a clue what I'm saying because they don't remember when it was about the members and service was second to none. It meant something to be a member and treated like a human with plans, goals and challenges.
I have asked many others who have the same disappointment in what the USAA experience has become and like my family, they have migrated away from the big contractor switchboard USAA has become and hired local banks with friendly faces and a memory to replace what seems to have become more of a concern for shareholders.


USAA is not the company it once was. They raised my insurance rates even though my record is clean. When I addressed it I got the pat run around answer. When I checked with State Farm they reduced my rates and gave me more coverage. 10 years with USAA lost due to poor business practice.
I will agree...15 years to USAA...gone to GEICO
Always have a lawyer when filing a claim with any insurance company. An insurance company is not there to hand out cash. They are there to take it. I was hit by someone and the first thing i did was call a lawyer not my insurance company. They may cost extra but they keep you from getting screwed. And yes Auto Injury Solutions tactic is to stall stall stall.