Kudos to Ronald in the Investment department for resolving my IRA dilemma!!! (Too lengthy to explain my IRA dilemma here) He was so knowledgeable, courteous and professional. He took care of my situation right away. I tried to find the answer myself on the IRS and Turbo Tax website but couldn’t. This is another example of why I stay with USAA. I’ve been a member since 1989 and will never leave :) They have my complete trust.


I am 57 and retired with a disability pension. I recently converted a small Traditional IRA held through a bank to a ROTH. I mistakenly signed the paperwork to take the 10% Federal taxes out of the amount being converted instead of providing the funds myself. Additionally, I then decided that I will soon be withdrawing the entire IRA for a home purchase (penalty free since it's less than $10K). I have already recharacterized a portion back to a Tradtional and now am going to recharacterize the remaining amount.  Will I recoup the money pd for Federal taxes when I complete my tax returns?  Also, do I file an amended tax return now or wait till for a 1099 regarding this transaction in January 2014?