I've just finished reading several of the most recent post. Most of them being negative. I'm having a hard time believing this is so prevalent.
I have been a member since about 1991. Auto, home insurance, banking and potentially auto loan services are the products I use. I have always been so impressed with everyone and with the exception of one pushy customer rep, I have never had a problem with any aspect of USAA.
In my opinion and experience there is no other company that is as committed to the customer.
USAA, you will always have my support and business. Keep up the excellent work.


It is also my opinion and experience that there is no other company that is as commited to the customer as USAA. I have property and life insurance, banking, investments, and loans with USAA and always receive outstanding support. I get nothing but great, professional, and courteous service each and every time I call. I have had multiple auto claims with USAA and they are always processed and paid fast and professionally, with no hassle. I'm not sure who these people with negative experiences are talking to when they call, but it certainly isn't any of the customer service representatives who I have spoken to. USAA will also continue to have my business and support. Agreed, keep up the excellent work.

I have been with USAA since 1962.  I have been pleased but you are slipping so badly.  Should I seek a new bank and insurance company?  Do you care?  I can no longer trust the accuracy of my account.  Are you sleeping? General it is your watch!

We are buying a home in Knoxville, TN, so we would really appreciate ONLY the posts from this area. We are open to all viewpoints - positive and negative experiences. We would appreciate an entire picture. Thank you.

Go ahead and experiment with other financial institutions.  You will learn a lot about banking as it is practiced by other institutions today.  Better yet, Google/search for "(Insert bank name here) complaints"  Happy reading!

Hello, I live in Knoxville, TN. Is there anything in particular you would like to know? If I can help by answering any of your questions, please let me know.


You got it Rob....people think things are always better somewhere else!

Yes, really.  After 30 years, I am cancelling multiple insurance policies, closing bank accounts and have closed our brokerage accounts.  My one experience with the auto claims department has been so frustrating and disappointing that I am done with USAA.  I can say that USAA is very good at not paying what they should and also very good at putting up a bureacratic wall of BS that makes it so time consuming and frustrating that most people would not to try to get over it.  But that's why we have insurance - to ensure/insure that we'll be taken care of when bad things happen.  USAA has fallen far short in that regard for me.  The grass may not be greener elsewhere, but I do know it's pretty brown in the USAA auto claims department, but they are good at spreading manure.


I wish you all the best.

I would agree with that statement 10+ years ago.  I've been with USAA for 23 years and am canceling everything, 1 home, 2 rental properties, and 2 autos.  I am saving a significant amount by going with another major insurance carrier, but that wasn't really the reason I decided to leave.  The service has just gone downhill over the years.  They have screwed my policies up several times over the past few years and don't give solid advice when it comes to understanding how a particular client needs to mitigate risk.  USAA was great back in the day, if they turn the ship around on the service side and decide to start offering competitive rates again, I will be one of the first people to come back.  It wasn't an easy decision to leave them after 23 years, but I am much happier with the advice and policies I recieved from my new carrier.   

USAA seems to be growing bigger and more impersonal with each new year.  


Customer Service has done a complete about face when compared to when I first switched ALL of my insurance needs over to USAA several years ago.  A recent phone conversation consisted of the rep trying to strong-arm me into signing a Consent to Rate form despite being unable to tell me about (it essentially allows an insurer to charge 250% of the NC Standard Premium Rate) and then as I reviewed my policy, he told me that many of my policy features were unusable or SHOULDN'T be used for fear of rate increases.


It looks like I am now being forced to switch back to Nationwide because USAA customer service has already pre-emptively begun cancelling my homeowners' policy and my future policy is now NON-EXISTENT.  Of course, I was once again pressured to sign the Consent to Rate form and fax it to USAA immediately.  My Nationwide quote came in $1 under the NC Std Premium rate and with discounts dropped another $120 - my USAA policy premium actually INCREASED 15% from last year. 


Very disappointing ... and I am letting Clark howard know immediately!  Looks like USAA has gone Pentagon on us - bloated and ineffectual.