Really USAA - Penalized for making large payment on Credit Card

I have never been so surprised.  I was told because I made a large $4500 payment on my credit card that my accout was flagged and put on hold for 8 days to make sure the funds cleared the bank.  Funny I have never seen that nor in the credit card agreement did I find that.  What's really funny is it came out of my USAA ACCOUNT!!!!!  May seem dumb to some but I pay my CHBP on my card to keep track of what I pay yearly.  The manager suggested that I pay my bill out of my checking account and when my card finally clears that I then take out an advance on my credit card to replenish that amount.  Where do they find these people?????   Also he wanted to know I wanted the credit for to pay.  Is it really his business?  I pay my bill without questions! 


I have never been penalized for paying a large amount on an account!  Plus been given such ridiculous advise!  USAA in case you don't know times are tough for some!  Maybe your managers have an extra $1,000 plus laying around and can do such ridiculous advice as I was given. 


This is just another problem with USAA.  Recently I unfortunately totaled out my car.  When it came time to get another car I called and questioned the interest rate.  I spoke to one rep that got the interest rate down.  Not more than an hour later I called back to finish the financing and they had no record of it!  I never did get that lower rate back.  PLEASE make sure you write down everyones name or ID# that you talk with.  Do not trust USAA!  I really question if they are any different than any other banking institution!


Actually, everyone with any credit agency or card service will be penalized for making a large payment. It's how the credit bureau looks at it. Credit bureaus see large payments as a negative thing because they want to see people paying interest over time and building their "credit" by slowly chipping away at their "debt to limit ratio". So rest assured, it isn't USAA doing this.

I wish that was the reason!  I was told that I normally do not make $4500 payments so they flagged it to make sure the funds cleared.  I have been a member for years and had the card for several years.  I can maybe understand if the payment was from an out of house bank, but it was from my USAA account.

Yes there is no excuse especially coming out of your own USAA checking.  I am in the same boat.  I deposited a check into my USAA checking account and had to wait about a week for it to clear.  Once it did, I decided that instead of keeping it in my checking, I'd rather apply it to my USAA credit card account and made an extra payment only to have another 8 day hold put on it.  I called USAA, but other than saying sorry and that it was "for my protection", I did not get any answer as to why I should be penalized with another hold after the original funds had already cleared into my checking via USAA...  This is really a setback to customers who are trying to do the right thing.  Instead of being rewarded for staying on top of things, we get penalized as good customers to USAA.  I still love USAA, but similar issues as these need to be addressed and fixed to avoid it from happening to more members.

Well here we are on the 23rd!  Guess what funds were suppose to be released by today and are they?????  NO!!!!  Should I be surprised?  Probably not!  Recently I have had so many problems with USAA that I have to question is it even worth it to stay as a customer of theirs!  There are things I need to take care of an I can't!  Thanks USAA I will be sure to send you all the bill on penalites since you seem to feel you need to penalize your members! 


Very disappointed that even what you said to be true isn't!