Re-Established Ties With USAA

I was in the Army Dental Corps in the 1st ID from 1973-1975 (received my Honorable Discharge in 1978) and joined USAA after I was separated. I had USAA credit cardsfor many years but stopped using them in the last several years. Lately I just purchased a 2022 Honda Civic SI and am applying to refinance my car loan with USAA as they offer a lower APR. The application process was smooth until it came time to electronically sign the documents. I was able to do it without any trouble but for some reason it wouldn't work for my wife (tried to do it over and over; used different browsers, etc.). Called USAA and she talked with at least 5 people and was transferred from one to another (from car loans to tech support and back & forth) without receiving any help. Finally, we asked for hard copies and we signed the hard copies and FAXed them to USAA in the old fashioned way.


I hope this isn't a taste of what it's going to be like as a customer of USAA. I am NOT impressed so far with their ability to provide hassle free applications or service.

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Better get used to it.

@Illinibird, This is definitely not the experience we ever want you or your wife to have. I am sorry for this inconvenience it caused not being able to sign electronically. I am forwarding this now to the appropriate area to review this. Glad to hear you re-established ties, take care! ~Tom