My almost 20 year old Dodge Ram diesel ran out of fuel earlier this month, January, 2014.  After contacting USAA's roadside assistance and providing them with the circumstance that I was either out of fuel or there was a fuel delivery problem with the vehicle, the vehicle description, 1995 Dodge Ram Diesel", and my location, I was given an ETA of approx. 90 minutes.  Close to that mark I received a call from a young man asking me if I wanted one or two gallons (only) as he had to stop by a local station to purchase the fuel and was informed that I had to pay for the cost of the fuel upon his arrival at my location.  After I paid for the fuel, he started to pour the fuel from his "red" two gallon jug into my tank.  down in my filler valve I asked "is that diesel fuel"?  It was not, it was gasoline. 


Maybe it's just me but I would like to think there would be a higher degree of professionalism here.  I do not find the first responder at fault, this failure was due to this service being, in my opinion, a gratuity from an insurance carrier and not a "paid for" service.  Maybe somewhere between Massachusetts, Arizona, New York & Canada the 0's and the 1's got flip flopped or, my first contact should have been closely listened to and the proper chain of events should have been set in motion.

After a diesel vehicle runs out of fuel, there's no "just add a gallon or two" and drive off on your happy way.  The entire fuel delivery system needs to be purged.  All individuals employed in the profession of Roadside Assistance should be aware of this and upon hearing the word "DIESEL" in a customer report. a recovery vehicle has to be dispatched.  After another 90 minutes a flat-bed arrived.  MORE THAN THREE HOURS!!!!

Since the beginning of this year, 2014, there have been record low temperatures.  I was fortunate this mishap occured during above freezing temperatures, the roads were clear and I was out of the flow of traffic. 

It has been more than two decades since I've had a similar circumstance, hopefully it will be the last I will experience in this regard.

In any event, it's off to AAA for me.