My husband waited over TWO hours in Southern California (not short of tow truck operators) for a tow home.  This is not the first time their pay service has left us waiting for MUCH longer than the competition. 

Late last year I sat on a busy freeway with our son waiting over an hour (their targeted time frame IS one hour!) for a flat change out.  The man they sent couldn't find me (did I say I was the ONLY one on the stretch of freeway in a BRIGHT RED truck?)...then couldn't lift the spare up onto the vehichle. 

Not only that, but years earlier, our teenage daughter was stranded at midnight and USAA's contracted provider said it would be 2 am before help arrived!  I ended up leaving my youngest home asleep with daddy & went in the pitch black to push her home myself. 

I'm done with their service, it's not worth the time involved to wait!