How is USAA really any different than any other bank?  Do they really help Veterans more than

any other Bank?  Last I checked ALL Banks in are the business of making money, and thats it.


Actually, you are correct: USAA is profit driven; it is a Bank. Any claims made by them to be your "friend" and Adviser lasts only as long as practically profitable. But, they do offer the best rates for car insurance and provide other convenient services. I like it because I can do all my investing, Insurance, and banking in one place online.
They used to have much better customer service, very personal touches, worked with us more, but lately they've gone more mainstream and have gotten away from the customer service I initially enjoyed.
Concur with Oagr. I have a flawless driving record and have compared usaa to State Farm for years and they have never matched State Farm's rates. Also, I have to go through 3 steps to login but at Fidelity where I have all my investments, I only have to login once.
Unfortunately USAA has become a corporate entity rather than a membership driven organization. Their push to grow including national tv advertising is just one sign another is the increasingly political commentary of its leadership which seems to follow the big corporations' line and does not represent the needs of many veterans. As a member since 1965 I am becoming more open to switching some of my services because of this disappointment.

USAA doesnt help veterans more than any other bank in fact below you will find my experience


Chase - Gave me 2 car loans

USAA- gave me 1 (at higher interest) when i paid it off they denied me my second


Lone Star National Bank - Gave me my Home Mortgage

USAA- denied me a home mortgage

***The day USAA said no I went to Lone Star and had a Home within 30 days


Discover - Gave me 10k credit card

USAA - Would only approve a secured credit card


My expereince with USAA has not been good and i dont even know why i stay. I should go with the banks who have approved me for credit.