Proud quarter century member

I have been a proud member of USAA since 1984. My father passed on the legacy of membership to me. He is a retired Chief Warrant Officer IIII having served 26 years in the U.S. Army Korean war veteran having been awarded the bronze star. USAA has been there for me several times during my membership. Several Years ago, I received a phone call from USAA late one night explaining that they had caught identity theft on my checking account and that they were sending me a new ATM card over night to me that I was to cut up the card I had in my possession. I was very surprised by the phone call but very impressed with the way USAA handled the situation. Also when my daughter graduated high school in 1996, she moved to Dallas to live and work there. Her apartment had been broken into and all my possessions (several TVs, stereo, computer) that I had loaned to her were stolen. I was surprised to find that my renters insurance covered those possessions and USAA repaid me for those items. Also, at a time when my car was broken into my renters insurance covered a camera that was stolen from my car. I have always been amazed at the service that I have received from USAA in time of need. I have used USAA for all my financial needs for the past 26 years and always referred my friends and family to USAA for their banking services also. Thank you for being the financial rock of gibralter in my life.
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