Problems with Credit Card Services and Executive Office Help


Anyone get any help from the Executive Office? I have a complaint in about a canceled credit card and keep getting passed around with no assistance. It really seems that USAA's banking services have become no better than the commercial banks. Please post any contact info you have for actual decision makers (ability to say Yes) who have been of assistance.


Of note, I can find no contact information for the president (or other corporate phone numbers - why is that, aren't we members, not just customers?). Many, many companies post the CEO's email and phone number because the CEO actually WANTS to hear about problems.


By the way, I'm an Army officer on active status and I've been a member about 15 years. I joined USAA so I could get military oriented service. I never post negative stories and am too busy now with our emerging contingency preparations to keep spending hours on the phone with this once very good organization.


Thanks in advance



Are there no members or employees who can answer this? I'm not sure it is even being seen on the forum.


Tara? Brianna? Bueller? Bueller?