So at present I am not happy with USAA. I had an auto accident August 19, 2013. I am still waiting for the determination on what is with my car. I was visiting Richmond Va and on my way  back home to Cleveland Ohio. The accident left us in a small little town of 30 people in VA. That was tramatic enough but now I can't even get the same person to call me back. Each time I need to explain the whole thing to a different agent.  So now we are past 1 month no car no idea of what is going on and I've spoke to about 20 different people and nobody can give me an answer. The company that USAA used as adjuster stunk. The adjuster never even noted that the tires were flat or that there was damage to the rear of the car. Everything has just been completely held up, and I'm still waiting to find out what I need to do. Any other insurance company would have been much more efficient. 


USAA is not what they used to be or what they portray in the advertisements.  I've similar experience with a variety of their services.  They are always polite, at least that's something now days.  

We'll do our best to get you in touch with a member of our claims team so they can provide an update. Please share a few additional details here and we'll get the right team involved.


Delta Bravo: We're sorry to hear of your recent experience and would like to get a few more specifics so we can escalate your feedback to our management team. We value your membership and will do our best to restore your faith in us. Use this link and we'll be in touch soon.

We had an accident the day before yours and still have not resolved the claim.  Not ONE TIME has USAA return our calls.