Poor insurance claim handling. Once again. Taking all of my services elsewhere.

Last year USAA handled my auto claim TERRIBLY. Took my car with my belongings in it 145miles away without my knowing to their 3rd party adjuster who deemed it totaled. Did not get some of my things back and was supposed to get the car back, but they apparently processed the title wrong and just told me "Sorry, but you could try to go bid on it at auction". I got half of what my car was worth paying for full coverage/comprehensive. I refused to accept the payment for a while as I sent evidence of my cars values such as comparable vehicles for sale. They didn't care and stuck with their assessment. So I took the payment thinking I was getting the car back to salvage some parts and try to make up the difference.


Now I have a claim that is denied for my personal belongings that I have no other choice but to leave them in storage due to a hardship situation. The items have mold growing on them and mold is covered in my renters policy, but apparently they aren't covered because its not caused by a specific peril.


I almost left USAA last year, but I am gone for sure this time. They put on this advertisement of how membership matters. Well it doesn't seem so. I've been a member since 2007 and guess it's time to take my business and hard earned money elsewhere.