I recently financed 2 trucks for my husband and myself. It took 2 tries to get the loans correct as the individuals kept sending out incorrect documents. These loans were to be auto drafted from an outside checking account. Well, this is yet another thing that got screwed up. I found out last night via email that the payments weren't drafted from our account so now we're late. I've never had a late payment in over 30+ years of being a USAA customer. Apparently they didn't send us the correct form for the auto draft yet they dang sure wanted a payment over the phone when I called today. I have spent now approximately 5-6 hours talking to people who are pleasant and apologetic but still can't get it right. I have never ever had such a problem with any service provided by USAA. Apparently the employees do like to blame each other rather than be the top notch professionals they used to be.

Disgusted in Austin, TX


Why don't you just manage it right here online? I know I do and it ends up correct.