Has anyone else noticed longer hold times and less competent agents when dialing USAA to execute banking transactions?  Today (Saturday at 10am CST) I spent a total of 35 minutes on hold during two consecutive phone calls in which I was disconnect twice.  While USAA insurance is a good deal for military members it seems to me that the banking side of the house isn't necessarily worth it....maybe this is the result of USAA opening up banking services to anyone in the US instead of limiting membership to those with armed forces affiliation.  If USAA can't maintain their previous quality of service due to higher demand from non-military customers then what's the point in staying with them?  In any case, I'm now considering NFCU as an alternative to banking with USAA. 


Actually, USAA has taken steps to return strictly to its military roots. Non-military-affiliated personnel are now no longer eligible for membership. As for hold times, I have never experienced more than a five minute hold. Granted in the past there was usually no hold at all, but five minutes is not really unbearable. I have never experienced an agent less than competent. Never. You must have dialed BoA instead.