I was looking forward to signing up with ADT, i'm glad i'm reading these reviews, in order to assist in my decision making, considering not using them now.  Thanks. 


I have had ADT for 13 years and have always had a problem with them. Either the bills would "get lost" and never come to me, or I would have a malfunctioning alarm, and was never offered any help in remedying the situation. Finally, after almost having to get on my knees and beg them to repair the issue, they sent some technician who spliced two wires together..the WRONG two wires. My alarm would never shut off. In desperation, I disassembled the alarm myself and just do't use it. I had it installed initially because USAA had recommended it and offered a good price for its installation. What a bad deal that was.
We've had them for about 5 years and love them. We take advantage of having them automatically charge our USAA credit card and electronic statements. We have never had a problem at all....alarms, installation and installation. Superb service at the USAA discounted price.