I have just recently discovered the Member Community tab on my USAA app, and decided to read some of the post my fellow members have left, and sadly a great deal of them have been on the negative side. I have only had USAA as an insurance company for only the past year for my car, however; I have been an account holder with them for almost ten years if not more, when my parents opened up accounts for my siblings and myself.
I have yet to be dissatisfied with the services of USAA, or it's employees. Given there have been times where billing mistakes occurred, or money was not transferred when requested or needed, but; in every case, the problem was resolved swiftly, either through a simple phone call, or I was informed about the mistakes, why they occurred and what I could do to prevent them in the future. Over the past few years my financial savvy has increased due in part to the helpful nature of your everyday USAA employee. I feel the need to point out, that like the rest of us, they work hard and deal with a massive amount of flak on a day to day basis. As a member of the Customer Service work force, I know that dealing with a frustrated, angry, or otherwise upset person, is taxing. Please be patient and polite.
In sum, you will never get perfect service every time. Good things fade and need to be polished again to retain their glimmer. The services you start with in any industry will always change over time, and people will not always like these changes, but that's why our support as consumers is important.
On that note: Thank you USAA, and thank you to all of USAA's employees. You have made more than a few of my days less stressful, and made me smile. Thank you.


I think some members get this idea that USAA is a non-profit that supports the military out of the goodness of its heart.


So they're surprised when they get hit with normal things that all banks use to avoid losing money: NSF fees, holds on large checks, loan denials for bad credit, etc. 


USAA has built its reputation as a business around supporting the military, but it is still a business. They're not going to take a loss just to help out someone who's struggling. 

Hear, hear! It's refreshing to hear from a member who can see things from the Customer Service viewpoint. I do know that most of these comments are made from people who call into USAA already upset with them, & thus feeling frustrated already, are not in the mood to be patient. In another post (Worried), I commented that most of the problems reported are from people who won't take responsibility for their own business (& therefore inform themselves by reading the pertinent information regarding the business issue at hand), or are not willing to be responsible for their own mistakes in mishandling their insurance or banking needs. A lot of these comments would not exist if some of these people would grow up. That being said, USAA offers many extras that most financial or insurance institutions do not offer. If some of these people would take advantage of the Financial Counseling especially, they might get their finances under control & learn something in the offing.

Dear Kpgeek,

Welcome! I am glad you discovered the community and thrilled you commented! It is member comments like your that make me love my job.We truly are dedicated to serving our members here at USAA and it is so good to hear that we are making a difference in your life. Thank you again for taking the time to post and please don't hesitate to post again if you need anything (or have a comment, question, idea even random thought)!!

I have been a member of USAA for over 14 years and still love banking and doing business with them!  In these past 14 years, we have had homeowner claims, bought and paid off vehicle loans, my account was hacked into and through all that USAA took care of us and never once have I had a bad customer service experience with USAA.


I am sure that at times, there will be an issue that arises that is complicated and takes time to resolve.  Perhaps some people are overly anxious or easily dissatisfied.  I'm not sure why there are so many negative comments posted here, but after 14 years of being a member, I am extremely happy with USAA and I am so grateful that my Grandfather served and that I am lucky enough to enjoy the privelages that  came with his sacrifices. 


Thank you USAA for always having my back, giving me great rates and products and most of all for the excellent customer service that I always receive!


You are so welcome! Thank YOU for being a member! We truly are so very lucky to serve people like yourself! Thank you for taking the time to comment and please, don't hesitate to let us know if you need anything!

I've been a member for 60 years and have had absolutely no complaints. Have had a couple of minor insurance claims, the adjuster arrived almost immediately, provided excellent help. Recently we switched to USAA banking and find it much easier to use than the brick and mortar bank down the street. Love that deposit by smart phone feature, too!

Dear Tom,

60 years! THANK YOU! I hope you know what a privledge it is for us to serve you! :)