USAA, please don't change! It is so refreshing to call you guys. I call, and the menu is simplistic and efficient. I get to an agent quickly. I've never been on hold for more than a minute or two. The majority of the time, I'm on with a human voice immediately. I've never had a bad experience. My wife and I love you guys so much. We have pretty much everything through you guys. I'm scared that you'll grow to become big enough that us members won't matter to you anymore, just like all the other major banks/insurance/corporations nation wide. Please don't change! My wife got into an accident a little while ago. She called you guys to get the ball rolling with our insurance, forms, etc.. Instead of getting a robotic scripted set of questions, the agent was more concerned with her and my son's well being (She was alone with our 2 year old son during the accident). The agent made sure she was alright and made sure she knew that the paperwork could wait. Ensured her that there was no need to stress about paper work, but instead to make sure she was good and my son was good. Even the next day, someone from USAA called my wife personally to check up on her and my son again. To make sure they were ok. No business, just checking in. This is the kind of treatment, you just don't get anywhere else. At least in my experience. I can't say enough good things about USAA's service. I've never had a bad experience. Even down to getting a home insurance quote online. Wow! It took me all of about 4 min. to get it finished! I was able to save it for later! And it was easy to find on the web page!!! The UI is intuitive! What a concept!!! I wish Comcast would take a page out of your book! 


If I were to do that else where, I would end up ripping my hair out at the complicated nonsense I'd be presented with. Calling anyone else would be a hassle. Any other company/organization, I would end up going through 15min. of Computerized menus only to be placed on hold again waiting for someone to pick up. I'd be sitting on hold for 30 min. listening to Joe Brooks (No offense if you like Joe Brooks' music) intermittantly being interrupted to be told by another computer that my call is "important," whilst I roll my eyes at the emptiness of such a robotic/fake statement.


No, with USAA, I call, and I'm on with a human being within a minute or less (At least that's been my experience). I'm treated like a person. I'm talked to respectfully, and everything is simple. Even when things are complicated, the agents always have a way to simplify it for me so I can understand fully. The menus are short, the online Web Page User Interface is simple and intuitive. I'm not sitting there searching through page after page trying to find out how the heck I'm supposed to get a home insurance quote. No, it's simple! And Quick! I don't wince at the thought of calling. When I have to call, I dont' get redirected to some guy named "Ted" in the depths of India. No, I'm directed to a "USA"A agent that can speak clear english. I don't feel like a nuisance. No, I feel like I'm a member of USAA. It feels like being a part of a really great club. I dont' feel like that with any other corporation or company. Try calling microsoft for help with the brand new Windows 8 license you just spent $200 for. You'll feel worthless and irrelevant. Not at USAA, you become a paying member, and you're treated well. Thank you USAA, and please don't change! Don't become too big for your britches and forget about us members! As does any other organization, you most likely receive bad comments as well, but please don't get discouraged. I've never had a bad experience. My wife has never had a bad experience. None of my friends have had a bad experience. Please keep doing what you're doing! Please press on as you are! AWESOME!


Echo 12,


Thank you so very much for your comment. I will surely pass this comment along to our bank, I think it is very important to share positive and encouraging statements such as this one. We value our members and strive to provide experiences such as the ones you named above. Thank you again, we appreciate your kind words. Hope to see you around the community!