Many Veterans over age 70 in Independent and Assisted Living facilities have a wealth of experience to share with current Student Veterans at colleges. Often an obstacle is distance or ways to connect or common use of communication tech tools. In California, the Public Library in Santa Barbara has launched a "Veteran-Connect" project, which offers a menu of benefits including sharing stories as valued lessons. The pioneer and premium Assisted Living Center in Santa Bartbara, Wood Glen Hall, is exploring ways to link the resources of 50 residents with family histories in five wars dating back to children of WWI Veterans. Many older Veterans desire to continue their patriotic service by supporting community projects, especially non-profit organizations related to health. As a retired Medical Service Officer who served 30 years in military medical centers with Wounded Warriors, POWs from Vietnam, and children and families facing cancer or disability,  I am exploring ways to organize a "micro library" Veteran project on site at WGH to connect with other such resources interactively online. I'd like to start a conversation here to exchange such ideas and stories.

Dr.Larrie Wanberg, COL (ret), US Army

President, WGH Resident Council