I am purchasing a home right now and calling USAA and dealing with the robot answering has been a nightmare.  I think the CEO needs to use this each time he calls someone at the office..  I have had to yell to get an understanding and still reverts back to an earlier menu.  I have requested my contacts give me extension numbers so I can keep my temper down.  I know this will go on death ears. 


Long time USAA member

Top in Beaufort, SC


You are soo right.  It is dreadful to have to call USAA for any reason.  I am a 32 year member and it is shameful how USAA hides behind a terrible call screening system.  


They call me and want me to call them back.  When I call back, I have to run a gauntlet of stupid voice response interactions that rarely work.  I have already cancelled my  USAA credit card and the insurance is next to go.  I never want to deal with them.


Even if you are lucky enough to get through to a human, that human will be a third party call center employee in Tennessee who knows nothing about USAA.   (yes, they have outsourced their core business)


They are advertising like banshees for new members while they cannot handle the ones they have properly.   I wonder what MBA geniuses they hired to tell them this "strategy" was a good idea?


Remember when USAA provided top flight service and actually cared about the members?

Yes, I am a 39 year member and I am cancelling my renewal auto and home policies because of the terrible service I am getting from USAA.  I am online today because they cancelled my home owner's policy effective September 1, 2013 and today is August 27, 2013.  It was supposed to run until it's regular termination date on September 29, 2013 but USAA somehow just wants to get rid of me.  I had to make another complaint with the NC Department of Insurance because their service is so horrible. 


I used to get great service but no longer.  I get robotic answers on the emails that I send to try to get answers because I cannot get through the robo lady answer service.  IT IS A NIGHTMARE.


So which is right?  I believe that USAA is going down the tubes.