So it begins with my dad, 20+ years and 100% disabled out of the navy, retired now, who says "son, I've risked life and limb to ensure you have college paid for, and have opportunities not too many other have." in a long conversation about 6 years ago, I went to college, took 5 years and a little of my own money, but I achieved my Associates in Justice Studies, thanks dad! Now, 6 years later, I'm a member of USAA now for about 2 years, and when my local bank hassled me (with great credit) about having auto and debt consolidation loans, I reached out to USAA hoping they would understand my financial goals and being to help.


     Not only was I able to achieve the goal of having my dream car with an outstanding APR, but I was also able to refinance my Fiancés dream car at a better APR though USAA. I also got auto insurance through USAA at a rate far better than anyone I had ever had before. They allowed me to consolidate my debts with them as well at a much better APR too. Hands down, USAA has made my financial dreams come true, and every person I had dealt with ever the phone in the process (and yes they are "REAL" people), were incredibly helpful, understanding, and nice. We had laughs through the process, and even when asked if I needed any further assistance, I replied "oh no, you guys have done enough!" only for her to reply "I know, we ROCK!"


Well, that you guys/ and gals do, and the services you provide are outstanding, rates are absolutely incredible, and staff is extremely knowledgeable. You've allowed me to achieve outstanding APR's, lower my bills monthly, and secure my debts with you and only you. Nobody likes having to pay interest, but having to, I am honored to do so to such an outstanding institute providing for those far away, and close to home. Having all my debts in one place, with better rates, and monthly savings increased, you've provided for me and my growing family PEACE OF MIND :) 


It's amazing to hear that we've been able to do so much for you and your family. Life is complicated enough, so if we can make things even a teensy weensy bit easier for you, then we've done our job! Many thanks to your father (and your entire family) for his service to our country.