Pcs to Ft. Rucker: middle and high school suggestions

I'm pcs'ing to Ft. Rucker and plan to live off-post. Anyone have any knowledge of the middle and high schools around the post? We're looking at Enterprise because the online info of the schools looks good but I would like to hear from anyone who has experience with Enterprise schools or any other schools in the area. We're moving with an child who will be in 8th grade. Thank you.


I can only speak for the school I attended, but Daleville High School was awful in 2001. The school is not culturally diverse and it seems that the school has a higher poverty rate than EHS. I only comment on this because the level of education is not on par with any other school I'd attended. DHS has limited course offerings and hardly any honors or advanced classes. I think you're making the right decision by choosing Enterprise schools.
I agree with the other post. Enterprise ismuch better. We where stationed there over 7 years ago and this week we are moving back and Enterprise is where we will be. On post is good too. We lived on post when they had all the old nasty houses, but now they are rebuilt on look really nice. To rent off post is not very cheap if you have a family and need something nice.
Thanks for the info. It is very much appreciated. As I researched the schools, it appears that Enterprise, or Alabama for that matter, does not offer foreign language until the tenth grade. That's a disappointment if it's true because my son is already in a foreign language where we are now in the 7th grade. (I thought that was late. Guess I was better off than I thought.) Anyway, I have boiled it down to Dauphin or Enterprise Middle. It looks like a tie from here. We will be visiting the schools ahead of the move. Thanks again.
Your child going to Dauphin or EJHS (aka Old Junior) depends upon where you live within Enterprise. I disagree that living off post in Enterprise is expensive; cost of living is pretty reasonable. I went to Dauphin and Enterprise High School. I wouldn't say there is anything better about Dauphin or EJHS, they are pretty much equal. Good news is that EHS is brand new, if you are stationed there long enough for your child to attend. I, like you, was very disappointed that I couldn't continue my foreign language when I first moved there. Also, as of now, the only languages you can take at the HS are Spanish and French. I would definitely stay away from Daleville because it is K-12.