Our nine living children and their children (41) all become USAA members when they reach adulthood. Twelve years ago, our daughter Eileen, was faced with a drastic jump in auto insurance when her oldest daughter had a few minor fender benders. When she shared it with us we told her "We told you to check with USAA" She did, and was delighted to find out the USAA insurance was significantly lower than the one she was paying. She now has USAA insurance on the homeowner's policy. In March her eldest daughter married and her husbands family had other car insurance. Told her to get a quote from their company and also USAA and take the best one.


I recently got married and moved to another state. My new husband and I wanted to be on one auto insurance policy. We compared rates with his current company and mine, USAA. I was confident that USAA would offer us better rates, but I was, nonetheless, crossing my fingers as I REALLY did not want to leave USAA and go with his company. USAA's amazing customer service is reason enough to stay with them in and of itself! Of course, I needn't have worried. The quotes we got from USAA were almost half the quotes from my husband's company. So I am elated to say that we are staying with USAA. All my grown children already have USAA. Now we will someday pass it on to his children as well.