I've been a USAA member for 50 years. When I enlisted in the Navy, my wife and I moved to Jacksonville, FL after training, and and I reported to Mayport. We were running out of money and making monthly payments for auto and life insurance to a commercial company that I couldn't afford. I was just married and we had a new baby, when a neighbor in our development suggested that I call USAA. I was surprized and very thankful for the honest and helpful advice from USAA that solved my problem. I now have USAA auto, boat, camper, trailer, and home insurance, credit, banking, and a home equity loan. I will undoubtedly use more USAA programs. We are retired now and have three children, and five grandchildren who all use or benefit from the surprizingly helpful services of USAA. By surprizing, I mean that USAA is in business for its members. The attitude of and advice from USAA reps clearly show that. Most of us, are wary of self interest, deceipt, being brushed off, and greed in our commercial realtionships. I have never had to be concerned about that with USAA. I explain the benefits and help good friends to join, too. USAA membership advantages are something of top value that I can pass on to others.