We joined USAA in 1969. My husband, Lcdr Clyde T Pate, was transferred to Japan for a three year tour. He went ahead and myself and our three teenagers would follow in a few months. I called our previous insurance company. They refused to insure our home if we were out of the country. My panic turned to calm after I called USAA and learned of all they could do to help us. Our children grew up and after my husbands retirement, started families of their own. One by one they joined USAA not only for home and auto insurance but also for checking and savings. Kerry Forrest, Duncan T Pate and Tracy Evans depend on USAA as much as we do. Our eldest daughter's son, SSgt Ian Meyer, US Army, 10th Mtn Infantry is the third generation of our family to belong to USAA. Ian is now preparing for his fourth tour of duty in the mid-east. While he is gone we all know that his wife and two sons will have USAA to depend on in matters of finance and insurance. Thank you for being there for us in times both good and bad. None of us would ever consider another company. You are more than insurance and money management. You are a friend.