My family and I are PCSing to Wright-Patterson AFB in January 2013 and I wanted to see if any one had any good information on where to live and things to do. Another very important thing is finding information on schools. My daughter is in the first grade and my son is in the fourth. How are the schools there for the elementary kids? We are currently located in Okinawa Japan and when I got here I knew no one and right after we got here my husband was deployed and I was left alone knowing no one. Although Ohio is only a few hours away from Chicago and St. Louis ( born in Chicago and lived in St. Louis before moving to Okinawa) where I can I drive to see family and friends, I would like to meet some friends in Ohio and not have to drive home all the time. Does anyone have any advice? Or does anyone live in the area that would like to say hello?


Hi there, We were at Wright Pat 2 different times. Beavercreek, Bellbrook, and Oakwood are deemed the best schools for public. I personally found the Beavercreek schools crowded which lead me to a private Christian school close to the base. East Dayton Christian. I was happy with the class size and my children learned alot. If you can afford Bellbrook or Oakwood, I think their schools aren't as crowded, but it is a longer commute to the base. Granted our last assignment ended there in 2008, things may have changed as far as the over crowding of Beavercreek schools. Be sure and look at Military by owner if you want off base rental or sale.
SamGross, I found a Facebook page run by spouses living on Wright-Patterson AFB, that I am sure would be a great place to connect with other families!! Best of luck on your move!
Hello! We are currently at WPAFB; unfortunately, we'll be moving to Nellis in December. We live in Beavercreek, very short commute to the base and LOVE the location. I work in downtown Dayton and the majority of people I work with live in Beavercreek or Centerville, both of which are very nice and affordable. Oakwood is lovely but expensive; however, I do recommend it if you can afford it. I don't have much information on schools (we have no children) but many schools here are facing budget crises which has limited bussing and other things. And as far as meeting people, the only people I know are those that I work with and those that my husband works with, but everyone has been SO FRIENDLY and wonderful that I think you'll meet others quickly, especially having kids. There are also so many activities and festivals around here in which your whole family can be involved and meet new friends. And you'll love being in-between Cincinnati and Columbus for everything they have to offer without the hassle of a big city life. I also frequently travel to Chicago and St. Louis for fun and to visit friends, I love that they're so close. You really do have a lot of options for a get-away or weekend family vacation nearby. If you're into amusement parks, you'll be so close to King's Island and only 3 hours from Cedar Point! I hope this helped a little and good luck when you get here - I think you'll really enjoy your time in Ohio :)
We are also going to Wright Patterson in March 2013 maybe we can exchange information and meet.

Welcome to Dayton! I PCS'd here from Langley AFB, and have been pleasantly surprised. The area is fantastic for family life, and was ranked very high for Quality of Life and Cost of Living. Dayton is a small to medium sized city that has a small town feel in certain areas, but features most of the activities and amenities of larger cities without the traffic and crime. There are plenty of parks and bike/hiking trails for those who stay active. There are plenty of bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues within a 20 minute drive. Dayton is an hour away from Cincinnati, and also an hour away Columbus, for those looking for the perks that larger cities provide, such as major sports, concerts, and high end restaurants.


The weather can be a little colder in the winter time, and possibly unbearable in January and February. But the summers are fantastic with relatively low humidity. Many can appreciate experiencing all 4 seasons in Dayton.


Schools are fantastic in several of the districts surrounding WPAFB. Beavercreek, Bellbrook, Centerville, and Springboro are largely consdered the better school districts of all ages, and are within about 20 minutes from base. Each of these school districts have seen a 3-5% increase in property values the past 3 years, which can make them attractive to buy or sell.


I think anyone coming to Dayton will enjoy their stay. Many who PCS out of Dayton do actually come back.