My husband and I are PCSing to Fort Lee in the fall for a 6-month school. Anyone know of good apartments near the base? Pet friendly is important! Thanks so much!


Hi, we are stationed right now at Fort Lee and living on housing. Its a lovely area here, and you have so much you can do like see DC, go to the beach and there is a great outlet mall in Williamsburg. As for apartments right outside of Petersburgh there are some nice ones. However, they changed the name and I dont know what it was changed to I apologize for not being more helpful. The area is called the TricCities because it located between Colonial Heightes, Hopewell, and Petersburgh. Of the three small towns the nicest is Colonial Heights thats where the mall is, an most of the stories. Hopewell is closes to water and Petersburgh is nice if you live on the ends of the town. Richmond is only 25 mins aways by hwy. Good luck on your move. We will be PCS'ing come fall.
Hi! My husband has been stationed on Ft. Lee for 3 years now, so I'm far more familiar with the area than I would like at times. But, in this case the knowledge is helpful. We live in base housing at the moment and I really like it, but if you are looking for an apartment then I can point you in several directions. My husband and I lived at Branchester Lakes Apartments in Prince George when we first got here. They are very pet friendly, but I don't feel that it's a good place for kids. This one is about 5 min from post and the rest is really reasonable. Another one is Jefferson Point. These apartments are directly across from one of the gates. This makes for really easy access to post, without actually living on it. Hope all of this helps.
Hi, My husband and I are PCSing to Ft. Lee too in the fall. We've been talking about living on post. I'm not sure what the waiting list is but that's what I think we will be doing. Have you thought about that? We have pets too and I know that on post allows two pets! Good luck!