Any information about the post, housing on and off post, etc. would be helpful. We are newlyweds and my husband is currently stationed overseas so this will be our first move together. I'm not sure how to begin going about this. I am still living in the states and we won't be moving until the beginning of next year. I have our only car. Thanks!


We have been stationed out here for a few years now. They have been working on new construction on post for a while now so there are some new houses going up. The area close to post was hit by a major tornado about a year ago. There are a lot of new houses going up because of it. There are some apartments close to post that I wouldn't live in one of those is Cambridge Arms. It's not the safest or cleanest place. One thing I would suggest is talking with your spouse about whether you want to live on post or off. On post you have a lot of regulations about what you can and can't do. Off post you would get your BAH so you could afford more space. One thing that I have heard since I have been here is once you are stationed at Ft. Bragg you never leave and for the duration of our marriage (5 years) we have been here. Once you decide if you want to be on post or off then you can look for rentals off post or look for areas you would like to live in. We live off post and love it, it gives you a chance to get away from the military thing for a little while.
We are currently stationed at Ft. Bragg but I am also from here a good area to live is Hope Mills area its about 15 minutes to post but a good town to live. Fayetteville area seems a little crowded to me. The post is nice 2 commissaries and we now have off post MIL treatment facilities one here in Hope Mills so no having to go all the way to post for dr visits, prescriptions or lab work there is a clinic right in the Millstone shopping center by the theater. I hope this helps you in some way if you have any other questions I have no problem answering them :)
Thank you for the replies! My first intention was to live on post since we haven't been accustomed to military life for that long yet. Do you prefer living on post or off post? I know that off post gives you a bit of a break from military life, but I'm wanting to experience it right now. The thing that's frustrating me though is the timeline on the wait lists that I've seen for housing. At this rate, it seems like we will have to rent something off post. I know someone said they bought a town home, but we're not looking to buy if anything. My degree is not really a 'convenient' one for the military either, physics and engineering, so that comes into play as well. I've heard the post is nice and it was our first choice so we are pretty happy with it. I know we'd be moving again in about 3-4 years for his CCC. How did you all ship your cars for your moves? He is OCONUS coming to CONUS, but I am currently state-side with the car so it'd be a CONUS to CONUS ship, which I have heard the military will not take care of. I'm not exactly sure how the army will move my stuff from my mother's house, but I assume he will take care of that overseas?
You may want to check out Southern Pines, Aberdeen, and possibly Pinehurst (farther). Many move their because of its quaint, walkable, quiet, small town feel with all the amenitites. We just sold a house in the area and my realtor tried to get us to rent it as military families are looking in that area. Not sure how long the drive through a back gate would take to his office but I have been told that to get to the main part of the base would take about 25 minutes through an easy country road (never drove it). In Southern Pines you can walk to restaurants, shopping, groceries, library, schools and more. 8 minute drive and you are in Aberdeen with 2 small shopping malls (Belks, Starbucks, pet store, art stores, home decor stores and more). Drive to Pinehurst area and there are more quiant shopping everywhere. The area is growing slowely. It is a very nice quiet community. I know of people that have loved the area and kept their homes their for years to come back to. Check out and
I recently moved to Fort Bragg in September 2011, and deployed in October, I used a realtor by the name of Bill Snuggs who as veyr helpfull. I purchased a townhome out the Riley road Exit, called West Park Place, its a gated community, and relatively close to post near the better of the 2 Walmarts in the area. Most people in our community are Military, either mid to senior in their careers. There are plenty of new homes in the area, so take a good look, as prices are very competitive. My wife has been there since I have been gone and she has had no issues.
We lived at Fort Bragg for a couple of years and just moved to Campbell. I would not live on base- the housing is cheap, the waits are long, and the crime is just as bad as off base. You will get your fill of military life no matter where you live, but I would go for off post. WE loved Hope Mills- higher property taxes mean less crime. It is the closest little city to base while still being outside base. We used Julissa Jumper with Keller Williams- with rates being so incredibly low right now it would be a shame not to buy. Her husband is military so they know the process and area well. She also has a reputation for selling houses in less than a week, so when it comes time to relocate again she is certainly the one to go with. She sold mine and my neighbors home in one week in Hope Mills. Good Luck!!

I wouldn't reccomend living on post. Anywhere in Fayetteville will give you that military feeling you want. You will get somewhat better housing off post and cheaper. DON'T live off Bragg Blvd as it is not a safe area. I would also say Hope mills area if your husband does not mind a little drive. My understanding is that you will have to move your own things. The Army doesn't usually move two different households. I could be totally wrong. The legacy is a nice place, as well as cliff creek apartments. Good luck with your move!