I have a daughter entering high school and would like to know if anyone has knowledge of which high schools in the area are best and which to avoid? Also, desirable neighborhoods?


I've heard Henderson is the best area to live and has the best schools. I would also like to get a few more opinions on other neighborhoods, such as the North Western Las Vegas area. Cheyenne High School in particular.
Henderson is where the majority of people live and it's a decent area. I am moving to vegas coming off this last deployment. Love the area and great state benefits. I reccommend you check out the Summerlin area. It's in the North west like you were talking about. Everything out there is new, to include the schools. The local baseball league has new fields for the kids and it is overall just a family oriented neighborhood. Reminds me of Santa Clarita in California, a upper middle class area, but without the cost that California has.
I just moved from Vegas all of the schools have there ups and downs my three children 2 daughters and 1 son all did pretty good there they were in magnet programs at their schools 1 of my daughters graduated from valley high and is now in college doing great my other daughter is in the 12th grade this year we have moved to maui hi and she only needs 4 credits to graduate and my son went to andree aggasi college prep high another great school if you are going to live any where near nellis afb henderson is a little far......there are also online schools out there that are pretty good......
I just PCS'd from Nellis. If your interested in the NW look at Centennial Hills. Cenntenial High is pretty good. I would stay away from Cheynne. In fact stay away from anything East of Aliente and south of the 215 if the NW is your desired location.
Hi. I would not recommend Cheyenne, Mojave, Legacy or Canyon Springs. I've had two kids go through the high school system here (Shadow Ridge) and have seen many changes (not all for the good). Palo Verde in Summerlin is good, as is Arbor View in the Northwest and Centennial also in the Northwest. If you're looking to live further south say in Henderson, I would check out Coronado and Durango. I would also check into applying to the magnet schools. Northwest Career and Technical Academy is awesome as is A-Tech and Las Vegas Academy. Here is a link that may help.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Clark_County_School_District_schools#High_schools_.289-12.29 Also, check out the high school offered at the College of Southern Nevada (CSN), you can earn college credits at no cost while attending high school. Hope this helps a little! Best of luck to you :) oops, forgot neighborhoods. All depends on what area you would like to live in. Aliante, Centennial Hills, Summerlin and Henderson are all good. There are always pockets in between to avoid :(