For a few years now, people have been recommending USAA. Finally I decided to go ahead and sign up. I went through all the paperwork and all the hoops and now have the accounts. So much talk about the loans and how much better, blah blah blah so I thought I would try to refinance my vehicle. Not a new loan, no adjustment, no added incumberance. The experience was not pleasant. I think I will keep my business with Navy Federal. Thanks.


I signed up with USAA via my ex husbands service. And glad I was able to stay after the divorce. I have priced around and others can come close on cost but just cannot offer all the perks and benefits iwth USAA thier roadside assistance programs etc. Also I was in a car accident this summer. I was not at fault. USAA WAIVED MY $500 DEDUCTABLE.  EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT AT FAULT WHAT OTHER INSURANCE COMPANY WOULD DO THAT?!!!!!!!  I got a discount on my rental car through USAA when i had to pay my rental deducatable thank goodness I had rental on my policy as well. being single I would rather have too much protection than not enough. you never know when you will need it. I also use their shopping discounts for odering flowers etc for friends and fanily. Every little discount helps. Thank you USAA.

I ha e credit card, checking, savings, two life insurance policies, an IRA, auto and homeowners insurance through USAA. I have been with them going on ten years now. With a 750 credit score I thought about getting a new vehicle and wanted to get that monthly payment over to USAA. When I called, after attempting through the website the best rate they would give me was 2.99% after I complained from 3.99% they originally quoted. Dealership gave me .09% with same credit profile. Why is it that a bank I have never done business with trusts me more than a company I have done business with for almost ten years, never having a late payment or bankruptcy with a 750 score!?! I am beginning to wonder why I am wasting business with USAA if other banks and insurance agencies will give me better rates and quotes.