My 19yr old son was traveling on a major interstate to go visit his grandparents when the front left tire blew out and left him stranded in between exits, almost 2 hrs away from home. He tried to get the tire off but the lugnuts were all rusted and he was unable to do it by himself (a policeman did stop and try to help with no success). I called USAA and explained where he was and what had happened since that vehicle has roadside assistance. The gentleman on the phone was very polite and helped me to remain really calm. With the excellent technology, the USAA rep. was able to contact a company near the place where my son was and sent a text message to his cell phone with an estimated time of arrival. Within 20 minutes a tow truck came with two very nice people and they were able to get the old tire off and the spare on within 5 minutes. What a relief that was knowing that my son was not stranded for very long on one of the coldest days of the year on a strange highway out of state. Thank you USAA.