I was recently in a minor accident with my vehicle. After the repairs were completed I went to the repair shop to pick it up, but did not realize they had not received the reimbursement from USAA. I immediately called USAA and the gentleman on the phone informed me they indeed had mailed a check a few days prior and that it should have arrived at the repair shop by now. The mechanics would, understandably, not release my vehicle to me without a full payment. Rather than go home and come back the next day, I asked USAA to put a stop order on the check, issue a new one to my house and then I would pay for the repairs in full on my Credit Card. Not more than 60 seconds later USAA had completed my request! I paid for my vehicle and left the repair shop. Thank you very, very much USAA! You have demonstrated, once again, that you have the most professional, courteous and competent employees who can provide outstanding service on the spot!