Only USAA could screw up a web interface as badly as this.

Checking transaction in a sane, date ordered list from past through future scheduled transactions?


USAA, "Nah, that makes _way_ too much sense and convenience for users -- let's change that so that it's two separate pages, with transactions on each page in opposite order!"


For all you new members (if there are any - I assume their has to be to keep the USAA ponzi afloat) -- good luck, you'll need it.



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Is there anybody who would want to defend the new format as better?

Not I. I also reckon that if a poll were taken, the overwhelming majority of members would prefer that USAA just deep-sixed the new site and app in their entirety and restored the old ones.


My concerns as a customer who also happens to be a developer are:


  1. Firstly, that the site and app were released when they didn't even qualify as solid beta, in my opinion. I think even calling them alpha would be generous. They're buggy and incomplete; and some functions (and last night, the entire Web site) have frequently been unavailable while the dev team raced to correct bugs that never should have made it to production.
  2. Secondly, because the site and app interface with financial data, bugs and errors seriously erode my confidence in their security. I'm not talking about my confidence in USAA as a company, mind you. I love USAA. But the new site and app are just too blasted buggy for me to trust anymore.

Accordingly, I'm shifting most of my personal banking to Navy for the time being. I have my two business accounts there, as well as existing personal checking and savings accounts that I rarely used until now; so it's really a shift more than a move.


I'm not leaving USAA. I love USAA. I'll leave all my banking accounts open with some money in them to make switching back easy if and when the time comes, as well as my three insurance policies. USAA the company still has my complete trust and loyalty.


Right now, however, I simply can't trust the abysmally buggy site and app. They never should have been released in their present states. They're unworthy of a company of USAA's stature.


That's my opinion, and it's worth every penny you paid for it.


I'm sorry to hear you're not happy with the new updates, @Geek On The Hill, and I appreciate the time you took to provide your feedback. I have submitted it to the technical teams that handle the updates for both the website and mobile app. In the meantime, I hope you have a great weekend. - Cathleen

Thank you, Cathleen, and you as well.