My wife and I were away for two weeks for Christmas. We came back to a fiasco. There was an ice storm while we were gone which took down an electric pole which pulled the wire off of our house. When the electric company reattach the wire a surge went through the house and fried the furnace and all of our appliances, which for the next two weeks our home did not have heat. Because of that the pipes in the house froze and busted. On top of dealing with all of that somebody broke into our basement window and stole some items from the house. USAA was wonderful through it all. It was easy to submit the claim and pictures through mobile app. We were able to snap pictures of all receipts and a bill from our contractor. We submitted a estimate of what it would cost to replace the items that were stolen. We received the price we quoted to them and then some. Within three days of when we realize our house had been broken into we had the money to recover the costs. Within three days of submitting all work done including the furnace and the pipes and all of our appliances we had received our money within three days. On top of all this happening we had a snowstorm a couple weeks ago and our van got stuck in the snow and while trying to get out the transmission went. Between the field adjuster USAA and our auto mechanic it took just three days to get an estimate and get work going on our van. We have been with USAA for approximately 30 years and could not imagine having our insurance with anyone else other than USAA. Thank you for making terrible ordeal easy for us to deal with.


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