Been a USAA member since 1978. Currently have three cars and three homes insured with company. Overall I’ve been quite pleased over the years but... I believe I’ve had at most 2-3 auto claims ...and zero house claims. Recently my residential above-ground oil tank (in Massachusetts) burst at a pipe seam and we lost approximately 50 gallons of oil. Much collected by fire department but now working with the Dept of Environment Protection (DEP) on analysis of spill and remediation plans. Submitted a claim to USAA who denied it...stating my policy did not cover it. Also was told there is a rider in my policy renewal packet but I never noticed it. 

Question: has anyone ever run into this situation and hired a lawyer to ensure USAA was proper in denying a claim? I’ve been told by multiple licensed site professionals (LSPs...think of as environmental consultant) that lawyers have often uncovered errors un USAA judgement and gotten them to rightfully cover the claim. Before I spend more hundreds (I’ve already paid $7,500 in recovery and remediation costs) on a lawyer...I’m wondering if anyone out there has related experience or helpful advice on how to proceed. 


I'm an 18 year member. From what I've seen USA is exceptionally corrupt in its business practices and if they make a mistake, expect to eat it. I had items that were fully covered be denied on multiple occasions. Now they raise my rates about $400 every cycle, my last 6 month bill came in at $2000, it insane, I'll be bugging out soon, dont expect any value for your money. They're all going to he-ll. Good luck.

Hello @Disregarded customer we would like to look into any denied claims you have had to ensure that all was looked into. Please send us a private message with your email address and we will have a specialist look more into this. - Ralph 

Re: "Please send us a private message"


Who is "us"...and how do I send "private" message? 

Dear @40-yearmember

Thank you for your long time membership and taking the time to post here in community.


You can send a private message by clicking on the "USAA Social Service" nickname, and selecting "Send Message".

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Thank you.



I have spent more than 30 minutes trying to figure out where the link you asked me to click on, is. This system is not very user friendly or intuitive. I do not know if this message will be shared with all viewers or just you.

My frustration with USAA is beginning to boil over.

Can you help me or not? I s there something SPECIFIC you need me to do ...with clear instructions?


When I finally found a 'service link' I clicked on it...a window came up stating "Private Messages" then there was no instruction on what to do next. Are you trying to make it extra confusing for your more elderly members?


im still trying to send you a private message per your request. Pls let me know if this gets to you. I would like a specialist to look over this denied claim.