Oh how I love USAA . . . let me count the ways (I can't count that high!).

Once again USAA delivers. Today, I tried getting gas with my debit card and it did not work. Come to find out USAA suspended my card because some creep in Spain had duplicated my card and was on a spending spree. USAA called me to inquire. Apparently this same creep had attempted 3 more charges. USAA was on the spot. They suspended the account after the very first charge, contacted me, cancelled the card, issued me a new card, and credited my account for the amount that was spent. It is impossible to convey the extent of my gratitude to USAA. The safety and security they provide to me and all of their customers sets the bar for all other financial institutions to aspire to. USAA truly is one of the greatest gifts I have received for my service. Thank you!