It is VERY frustrating to not be able to pick a different design for debit cards! I have a personal account and a joint account and constantly have to move money around to cover purchases when the wrong card was accidentally used. Most if not all of the other financial institutions that offer debit cards let you pick what you want them to look like. USAA has been around for a while. You really should have done this correctly by now! PLEASE make this happen!!


I agree, same thing happens to me alot.

The latest card they sent out is rubbish. The USAA logo rubbed off in about a month!

I agree.  I am on my third debit card and the logo disappears in a month or so along with the embossing on the name and numbers.  Just returned from an international trip and no merchant would accept the card as it looks as if I made it at home.  Please fix !

I totally agree!  Different card designs would really help.  The very dark background on the card means I can't even write on it with a sharpie to remind me which one is for which account.  (joint vs. personal)

Looks like it's been asked before in February:


I agree...I too have individual and joint debit cards. Would be nice to be able to distinguish between the two of them!

yes PLEASE let us do custom designs on our cards!!!! i have 4 different crads and i as well get confused!!!


C'mon USAA, love you guys, but not offering this service is pretty dissapointing.

I agree 100%