I have two checking accounts with USAA, my account as well as a joint account.  I am constantly getting the debit cards mixed up.  Since there are options for different looking credit cards, I cannot figure out why USAA does not have the option for different looking debit cards. 


I've seen by multiple threads about this so I know I am not the only one with this issue.  Please give us the option for debit cards that look different.  I'm not wanting to upload a picture of even a stock picture.  Three or four options for solid colored debit cards would be enough for me. 


I got my debit card and my debit cards mixed up from another credit union the charges I incurred on her account was forgiven and they suggested I numbered our cards. This has worked for me. Hope it helps. All credit unions or banks should use a different card

I completely agree!! I have the exact same problem.  I used to have two different styles for whatever reason, but now both of the cards for my checking accounts are the same color.  Please give us options!!!