Contacted USAA Customer Service today, and spoke with "Andres" (sp?) regarding an issue with our mortgage company and our USAA homeowners insurance. Andres asked several clarification questions regarding the issue, did some research, and then immediately fax'd the necessary documents to the mortgage company and confirmed that the documents were successfully transmitted. During our entire contact, he exhibited concern for our problem, as well as a very professional yet friendly demeanor. He even asked me to wish my wife a happy birthday, as it was celebrated within several days.


Toward the end of our contact, we suffered through a technical glich which allowed me to hear him, however he could not hear me. When other representatives amy have just terminated the connection, Andres stayed on the line and kept attempting to contact me until we were finally able to communicate once again.


Congratulations Andres for your most outstanding customer service, and congratulations USAA for having such a competent and caring representative.


Happy 2016 to all!   


Congratulations. That is a rarity.



Thank you for sharing with us in Community. Great to hear!


Happy New Year to you as well!