I've read many stories about unfortunate experiences current/former members have had with USAA and I hate to hear about all of their frustrations - I can only say that I have had nothing but EXCELLENT customer service since day 1 with these guys - Whether its a question about a particular service offered or a potential claim, etc.. I have CONSISTENTLY received immediate responses EVERY SINGLE TIME, whether it be by email or phone calls - I've had an on-going claim with the HOME DEPOT (which THEIR insurance company is completely ignoring) but my rep here at USAA has continued to follow up with them, with me (giving me updates regularly) and offering me viable alternatives in the meantime -


I know what its like when dealing with huge companies - many different personalities that are employed in customer service - this is inevitable - but one thing I have learned in my lifetime - after working for a Federal Disaster Assistance Agency (SBA) - for several years - I quickly saw that in order to deal with inordinate amount of claims during disasters, (which happen on a regular basis) although I had HOPED that everyone answering phones and processing claims had the same amount of compassion and empathy that I and many others have, unfortunately that is not the case when the main goal is to get as many claims paid out as quickly as possible, you can't cherry pick the personalities that come along with the expertise in the employee work force - 


This being said, I HATE that many of the thousands of people we had working with us seemed to be short or impatient with the disaster victims in their greatest time of need ~  This absolutely does NOT excuse bad behavior - I am only  making the observation from being on both sides of fence at one time or another -  In MY PERSONAL OPINION, USAA IS STILL THE BEST BY FAR :)  SO THANK YOU USAA AND ALL OF YOUR REPS THAT I'VE DEALT WITH FOR OUR AUTO POLICIES, OUR LIFE INSURANCE POLICIES, HOMEOWNERS and everything else I've ever had to deal with with ya'll.  :)


happy member3,


Thank you so much for your nice comment. We truly do value your membership and we hope to see more of you here in the Community!

USAA is not the best by far.  Maybe USAA has been good to you but USAA has not been good to me.  I have been a member since 1989 and you would think I became a member yesterday by the way I have been treated.  

Dear dissatisfied,

I am very sorry to hear about your experience. I have responded to your other post here. Thank you for commenting.