I heard great things about them from my co-workers. I started out getting a checking account with them. Then I got a auto insurance quote from them and decided to switch over after being with State Farm for 7 years. Now I had my ups and downs with State Farm but my bill was finally dropping and I was stupid to switch from them. I thought it would be easier to maintain all my bills in one place. USAA gave me a quote for one price per month or a 6-month premium. Told me that there was no down payment for the first month. I switched over the 19th of Decemeber and my first payment was going to be the 23rd of Jan. Which was great because State Farm was still going to charge me for the month of Decemeber so it's not like I went a month with no insurance payment. Little did I know and they never mentioned before switching, that they were going to tact on an extra $39 dollars to my monthly payment for 5 months straight because it didn't require a down payment when switching. That's a bunch of BS and I wonder if I would be able to go back to State Farm with the same price I was paying before. I hope.